Key findings from the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Red & Blue Line Corridors Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Parking Study offers new insight from local data on parking use, supply, and management.
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Most TODs are significantly overparked

13 of 16 sites never peaked above 80% utilization over the course of the
72-hour data collection periods.

Excess parking capacity in these 13 sites totaled over 4,500 spaces.


Affordable housing and office uses are particularly overparked.

Affordable housing development had peak utilization of 50% or less.

No office-dominant TOD surpassed 65% occupancy.


Most TOD parking supplies exceed requirements.


10 of the 16 studied sites provided 10-69% more spaces than required by code.


Free parking is the norm.

A majority of the parking provided is offered free of charge. 

The current median prices of a single parking space in an above ground garage is over $17,000.


Shared parking can work.

Availability was plentiful among the studied mixed-use facilities.

For 10 of the 16 sited, shared-parking model outputs came closer to observed peak-occupancy demand.